Helping children with special needs reach their full potential by providing access to the resources and support they need to improve their overall quality of life.

Many children who could benefit from therapeutic services in the greater Spokane area don't have access to the full range of care that could help them overcome and cope with physical, speech and mental challenges. Outstanding therapy resources are available for children in our community, but financial and insurance limitations are restricting families' access to needed therapies. You can help.

Rather than allow children to go untreated, the therapeutic community in Spokane began reaching out to help.

Elevations Foundation was established by committed medical professionals, families and community members who see too many children with physical and mental challenges who could be helped by therapy, but who have limited or no resources to meet the cost.

Elevations works with licensed professionals throughout the greater Spokane region to identify uninsured and under-insured children and provide them access to therapeutic services in the community.

If your child has been diagnosed with a delay in his or her motor, language, cognitive, and/or social-emotional development, AND your family does not have resources or insurance to cover the cost, there may be help. Elevations: A Children’s Therapy Resource Foundation works with therapy providers in the greater Spokane area to identify and qualify children and families for grants that may cover all or part of the cost of a course of therapy and/or therapeutic devices and equipment.

Garrett was born with many obstacles he has spent his whole life improving. From bilateral clubfoot, to a feeding tube for 2 years, to hypotonia, and a number of issues that stem from those. Garrett has received therapy in speech, occupational and physical areas most of his 7 years of life from Youthful Horizons. At one time Garrett's insurance had a small lapse and the program from Elevations gave him the ability to continue his much needed therapy until his insurance was back up. We are so thankful for them to provide the funds needed to continue his much needed therapies!