Video Testimonials


"Our family is so thankful to have received this platform swing in a grant from Elevations. Our four youngest kids have all been in OT for sensory processing disorder. One of our kids has been able to graduate out with another child on hold because of all the tools we have at home. They are continuing to make excellent progress and we are so appreciative of everything we can do at home because of Elevations! Thank you!"

"Silvia has truly benefited from this grant over the summer! Her speech and occupational therapy are going great & we have seen incredible improvements and such growth. Thank you so, so much for enriching her development and blessing her family."

“My son began receiving therapy when he was five-years-old. We quickly realized that we would not be able to pay the full therapy amount AND be able to make the mortgage payment. Just as my husband and I were attempting to figure out how we could decrease therapy and still have our son make progress, we were made aware of the Elevations grant. It truly was a game-changer. For nearly three years, our little boy has been able to benefit from the suggested number of sessions per week. He has benefitted so much, in fact, that we have approached a very natural decrease in therapy with no anxiety to our child. Thank you, Elevations, for offering this very beneficial assistance.”