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Become an Elevations Ambassador

Elevations is seeking Ambassadors to help share our mission:

Elevating children with special needs to reach their full potential by providing access to the resources and support they need to improve their family’s overall quality of life.

If  YOU are passionate that ALL children regardless of family resources should receive the therapy and equipment they need to live up to their full potential and  YOU are willing to share your passion with others, we are looking for YOU.

Below are examples of how Ambassadors can help spread Elevations mission. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for Elevations please fill out the form below and mark YES for the Ambassador Program.

By implementing even just a few of these examples YOU can make a BIG impact!

Examples of Ambassador Activities

  • Wear the Brand.  Wear the name or logo of a Elevations on your hat, shirt or lapel pin. You never know whom you will run into and the conversations that may be sparked by them seeing you wear the Elevations name or logo. If you are looking for a place to get your Elevations gear…look no further, here is a link to our Elevations Store
  • Invite a Friend. Next time you are planning to volunteer or attend a special event for Elevations, invite a friend. By engaging them with Elevations, you have multiplied your involvement and impact with Elevations.
  • Share.  Go beyond liking the Elevations Facebook page and share posts from our Facebook page.  Sharing a Facebook post from Elevations page will enable your friends to learn about Elevations.
  • Tell your family.  At the dinner table or family gatherings, tell your family about your involvement with Elevations.
  • Raise Money.  Don’t shy away from the opportunity to help raise money for Elevations to fulfill its mission.  Keep your eyes and ears open for new fundraising opportunities for Elevations and support the organization’s efforts to raise money.  Sharing passive fundraising opportunities through Fred Meyer Rewards Program and Amazon Smile.
  • Connect.   Understand the qualifications to receive services from Elevations so you can connect those in need of services with us.  You can be the one to help others benefit from the programs and services offered by Elevations.
  • Advocate.  Offer to set-up a presentation by an Elevations representative with your local club, book group, employer, etc. – it is important to get Elevations message out to as many people as you can.
  • Tell a coworker.  Talk with some of your coworkers about your recent involvement and interactions with Elevations. Perhaps they never knew of your involvement and were always interested in learning more about us.

After joining our Ambassador program you will be amongst the first to know about upcoming events, programs and all things Elevations.  Stay tuned for more information!